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Banking On Our Future - A new Course At The Ignition Centre!

06 Feb 2012 in

On the 24th of January the Ignition Centre ran a special course on personal financial literacy called “Banking on Our Future.” This course was brought to us by Operation HOPE, a non-profit organization dedicated to financial literacy and economic empowerment in the US, Haiti, and South Africa.

The course was attended by 15 local entrepreneurs,…

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The Art of Business Plans continued…

30 Jan 2012 in

There’s no sugar coating it; starting a business is extremely hard work. There are a number of obstacles an entrepreneur faces from attracting customers, to managing their finances, to securing necessary resources and partnerships, to the uncontrollable events which interrupt our lives. It is very easy to become overwhelmed and forget important aspects of your…

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Thobela Mfeti Is A Star

16 Dec 2011 in

Thobela Mfeti a TSiBA Graduate Alumni has recently been on Taxi. The Taxi is an online radio station spearheaded by entertainer and talk show host Soli Philander. This mode of news in increasingly becoming popular with social media gaining popularity amongst many younger people.
She was interviewed as she had just become the 4th…

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Mentor Research By Romany

27 Nov 2011 in

Romany Grove is towards her final stages of her MBA at the Graduate School of Business here is Cape Town. She decided to undertake her thesis on the topic of mentorship.

At TSiBA all the Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA) students are allocated a mentor. Kim Hickley, a TSiBA Graduate now the Student Development…

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Igniter Ignites!!!

11 Nov 2011 in

Do check out TSiBA’s student newsletter - link below. It is a bubbling edition of information:

Well done to the Team!

Igniter_Compact_Issue_2 FINAL

The Support Team

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Deloitte checks TSiBA

11 Nov 2011 in


We welcome Deloitte to TSiBA as they are in the process of auditing TSiBA’s end of year financial year.
Basically what an auditor does is check the financial records for accuracy and that the correct funds are in the right places. They have been here since Tuesday, and compared…

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An Entrepreneurial Challenge

11 Nov 2011 in

An entrepreneurial challenge: Won

Seven companies, three winners, and the goal: to apply what the BBA2’s have learnt at TSiBA.
A project that the BBA2’s were given was to create a viable company that could generate profit. To do this, they were given 100 shares to be sold at R50 each to use as…

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Breakfast Networking Forum

11 Nov 2011 in

The Entrepreneurial Centre are having an Open Day for all their Entrepreneurs.
Sonja Hagins says: The year has gone by so fast, we are about to host our 4 th and last Breakfast Networking Forum on November 30 th for the year 2011.

The theme for this event is an Open Day: “Show n…

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Phumzile - A name to Remember in Healthcare

10 Nov 2011 in

At TSiBA, it seems that the Pay It forward potential is infinite. Among the many community-orientated students is Phumzile Nombila.

Phumzile is a male nurse, whose family is his biggest inspiration. His wife is also a trained nurse, and together they have three children; Lutho (18), Mnqweno (11), and…

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TSiBA Eden Second Year Students Come To The End Of Their Stay

08 Nov 2011 in

The second year students at TSiBA Eden are preparing themselves for their next step.  Having been on this small campus in the middle of nowhere has presented them with many learning opportunities and challenges. The group recently returned from their EDUCO course in the widerness of the Outeniqua mountains.…

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