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Computer Classes Held In Smutsville Primary School

22 May 2012 in

A series of fortunate events lead to the first TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre computer class being held at Smutsville Primary School, Sedgefield, on the 9 May 2012. Hugo Ngaka, the head of a new local NGO, “Sanctified Creed”, approached the Ignition Centre, in early April, regarding computer classes for people…

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Open Day Jitters

18 May 2012 in

TSiBA Education held its first open day for 2012 on the 17th May 2012. This was a clear indication that recruitment for the 2013 intake was in full swing. The purpose of the open day was to give the prospective students for 2013 a chance to learn more about what TSiBA education provides as a…

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About Gems, Tea and the Work of TSiBA Education

16 May 2012 in

What do gems and tea have in common? Entrepreneurship, of course!
GEM stands for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and is the world’s largest study of entrepreneurship. It is an annual assessment of the entrepreneurial activity, aspirations and attitudes of individuals across a wide range of countries.

Now where…

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Why I Get Up In The Morning

08 May 2012 in

Out of the blue, I received this SMS over the weekend. It was from an entrepreneur who was in my office two weeks ago, a 50ish gentleman who had spent a considerable number of years trying to get his engineering company off the ground. He was very polite and controlled but agitated. During the course…

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Ignition Centre Karatara Business Networking Forum

25 Apr 2012 in

The TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre hosted its first Business Networking Forum on the 24 April 2012. Dion Kruger, the Ignition Centre’s mentor and business coach, from Old Mutual’s Ilima Trust, gave an in depth presentation on Marketing which captured everybody’s undivided attention.

The forum is aimed at creating an…

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Ignition Centre Karatara 1st Course Completed

23 Apr 2012 in

The TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre proudly celebrated the first 2012 group of Career Education and Computer Skills graduates, on the 11 April in Karatara. The participants were dedicated to improving their skills and supporting one another in acquiring the knowledge; and a significant change was noticed and acknowledged in each…

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TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre installs 10 computers!

23 Apr 2012 in

The TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre welcomed its transformation into a fully functioning e-cafe and IT lab on the 11 April as it’s 10 computers were installed and networked by IT teacher Jamie and IT support volunteer Viv. Boxes of new mouses and keyboards were unpacked at lightening speed to…

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TSiBA Ladies Soccer Team

19 Mar 2012 in

Nqobile Bhengu, a recent graduate is truly a lady who knows how to get things done.
She did her final capstone internship at Novartis in Switzerland and her project was about the treatment of malaria. Through her determination she also went to Malawi on her own to conduct…

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Lyle Johnson’s Steps to Success

13 Mar 2012 in

Lyle Johnson is a final year student on his last legs of his student life at TSiBA. He is on his internship which at TSiBA is called individual industry practical project (IPJ).

He is based at The Waterfront and is interning at General Reinsurance. The first two days were settling in time he said but…

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Business Essentials Pilot - A Huge Success!

01 Mar 2012 in

The pilot run of our newest course, Business Essentials, was a huge success! The course ran faster than expected, beginning on the 20th of February and ending on the 28th. We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering the course over 10 half days as opposed to full days. One piece of…

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