From Flying TSiBA’s Flag To FNB’s R10 000 In The Bag…

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It’s quite impossible to share my entire experience during the FNB Bursars workshop, but I can highlight the best of my experience.  Firstly, the aim of the workshop was based on understanding and linking our SA community and economy, as well as an overview of FirstRand Ltd.

My unknown journey started on 8th July with my first time flying on an aeroplane - flight 334 from Cape Town to Johannesburg. After we landed in busy Johannesburg, I was quickly ushered to the classy FNB Conference and Learning Centre. It had a 5 star hotel standard, maybe even a 6 star standard! Everything during this workshop was sorted out by FNB…and I mean everything. I had breakfast like a king, lunched like a king, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what dinner was like!

For 6 days I had a schedule of 8am to just after 5pm. This schedule included going to the different subsidiaries of FirstRand Ltd which are FNB, WesBank and RMB Holdings. Within that I got to meet many inspiring people from FNB’s Head of Private Clients, Basani Maluleke, to the CEO of FirstRand Ltd – Mr Sizwe Nxasana, who was quite keen to know more about TSiBA Education. Hint, hint Bev wink! So that was just the nice of part of the workshop, and now comes the best and most exciting part.

Paul Steenkamp, FNB Head of Innovations Programme, puts up a challenge for us, which involved creating an innovative product or service. The team that wins the challenge walks away with R10 000 start-up capital. The first thing that came to my mind was easy peezy! At TSiBA I have already came up with many innovative ideas and since 1st year I have been doing Entrepreneurship as a subject. Paul gave us about 3 days/nights to create an innovative idea and eventually we presented the concept to a panel of judges. Then they announced the winners, and my team took first place!

On a serious note, this workshop is really an opportunity for all students as it gives you a much broader view of the working (jungle) world. But remember I said my journey started on the 8th July? Well, it actually started on the 14th July when I left Johannesburg with R10 000 in the bag – the first half will be released
as soon as a business has been registered and the second half in 2013. Watch this space!

The FNB Foundation supports TSiBA to the value of 10 scholarships – we are most appreciative of their support and their interest in developing our students and creating new opportunities for them. Thanks too, to Ian Slade of Tshikululu Social Investments for his role in managing the programme.

Written by: Arshad Tape, BBA3 Student at TSiBA Cape Town

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