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So it’s been seven weeks into my TSiBA IPJ (Individual Practical Industry project) and the second round of career workshops was held on the 26th September 2011 at the TSiBA Entrepreneurship Centre’s boardroom. Since last weeks workshop things have started to look up as 9 people attended this week’s session, which has given me renewed hope that there are people out that wants to better the lively hoods.   
This therefore has sent me back to the drawing board to find out how I can successfully complete my tasks whilst still helping people and creating a social change. So I have decided to embark on a mission where I am going to make the best of these learning’s that I now have and give this project the best of me that there is to give.
So as the second workshop has come and gone, its time sit down and reflect on what has happen and pray that the future workshops only gets better and better with time.

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