TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre installs 10 computers!

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The TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre welcomed its transformation into a fully functioning e-cafe and IT lab on the 11 April as it’s 10 computers were installed and networked by IT teacher Jamie and IT support volunteer Viv. Boxes of new mouses and keyboards were unpacked at lightening speed to be ready for Wednesday’s final Career Education and Computer Skills class and all was in place in the nick of time! Alas the system just did not “wake up” in time so we continued the session in the Campus’ IT Lab - to the delight of the class knowing that they were the first people to use the brand new computers generously donated by DELL; needless to say the students were very impressed with TSiBA Eden’s latest technology.

A big heartfelt THANK YOU to all involved in bringing this incredible opportunity to the rural town of Karatara!

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