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Many students often when asked what field they want to go in mention either Finance or Marketing and it always perplexes me.
Beef is a red meat, chicken is a white meat; what accompaniments do they come with etc etc.
Just as this what does Finance entail and what does Marketing entail. So please be aware to address and look deeply and research before this ill informed decision is made.

1. What personality are you
2. Are you academically strong at one or the other
3. Perhaps job shadow a person whose job you would like in the future
4. What hours do they job entail
5. What are the career prospects
6. Does the job fit in with your future plans
As a member of SAGRA (South African Graduate Recruiters Association) and speaking to many Graduate Recruiters time and time again they mention that the student who is unsure to NOT GET THE JOB.
Do not be one of them people!! Act now and do the research.

Written by Benu Mukhopadhyay, Career Centre

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