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Bertina Etchu(from Betty’s Hair Salon) is one of our Entrepreneurs who are being mentored by one of our mentors Delene Martins. This mentoring relationship started in June this year.
Working closely with Bertina, delene discovered that bertina has to take 3 taxis to buy in her hairdressing stock. For Bertina this was very frustrating and also costly with added taxi fare and loads of stock to carry by herself.
Delene got busy phoning hair supply companies and got hold of a representative from Ladine the company that supplies Relaxers and straighteners. Ladine has agreed to deliver directly to Bertina and has given her a good deal because she now buys in bulk.
This goes to show how mentoring can be a benefit to you as an entrepreneur. For bertina this is a great improvement in the way she runs her hair salon business.

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