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Thank you graciously to Louise Howlett, General Manager of the Cape Town Concert Series at the Baxter Theatre who offered tickets to staff and students of TSiBA Education to a series of concerts.
These series of concerts were wonderful and diverse in its offerings.

Pictured here is Rosalyne Engelbrect (middle) with the first concert with two of its wonderful performers.
The next concert was an acclaimed flautist Dawid Ventre partnered by Ben Schoeman who blew Keke Mohasi, a BBA1 student away! They were even invited for drinks after the performance.
The third concert was “Art of the Recital” series featuring Colin a top bel canto tenors in the world, accomanied by Albie van Schalkwyk on the piano. It truly was an inspiring experience.
We again thank Louise for this wonderful experience that staff and students have shared in this musical environment.

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