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Chimurenga Chronicle has a poster campaign where controversial questions are being posed weekly until 19 October 2011.
Come and check it out and open up discussions about the topics among yourselves.
The Chimurenga Chronicle newspaper reports on the first week of the so-called xenophobic violence in South Africa, two years ago and events around the world during this period including politics, analysis, arts, sport, books etc. 
The Chronicle’s launch in October will be preceded by a public art intervention in the form of a newspaper poster campaign.
We plan this not only to announce the Chronic but also as an intervention in public space, an opportunity to explore the city itself as a newspaper.

The posters were developed out of the content of the Chronic Newspaper. They were developed from our research. They are questions that we posed to ourselves and the writers we worked with in commissioning the stories for the newspaper, as well as questions posed by writers in their responses. They are part of a larger set of questions and provocations that will run as the editorial in the newspaper. However our aim is also for them to exist independently of the newspaper. Unlike conventional newspaper headlines they therefore pose questions/ provocations instead of promising answers.

The posters will be up from 9th September – 15th October.

Chimurenga Chronicle will be released on Black Wednesday 19 October 2011[South Africa’s ‘National Day of Media Freedom’]

Come in to the Library for more information.

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