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As over 75 community guest entered TSiBA’s Arena Friday morning, they were greeted with the sounds of enthusiastic students and a warm marimba band.  The scrumptious muffins, juice, and coffee were popular among the new arrivals, but the food was not the substance most desired. The young entrepreneurs, students and other guest from the community came to witness the inspirational, successful narratives of student, community, and guest entrepreneurs. However, the audience may have gotten more than they bargained for—the program engaged the visitors by opening the platform for questions, comments, and providing a place for participants to network in an entrepreneurship market.

TSiBA’s Youth Ignited event combined its role Cape Town Entrepreneurship Week as well as the Ignition Centre’s Quarterly Entrepreneurship Breakfast, bringing together a vast variety of individuals from the community. However, the significance of the program was its inclusion of student entrepreneurs. When the unemployment rate is increasing annually and disparities between the wealthy and the poor are ever widening, South Africa is hungering for a generation of youth who ignite their passions in the form of commerce. TSiBA creates the spark for entrepreneurs to be self-sustainable through the Ignition Centre’s resources, connections and encouragement.

The audience was captivated by success stories shared by student, community, and guest entrepreneurs

One of several Mhani Gingi market displays

The diversity of speakers related to each audience member as individuals spoke from each corner of the community. The speakers consisted of TSiBA student companies Tongue Smart Catering and Hustle Trends, community venture Delavega Creations, Luvoyo Rani of Silulo Ulutho Technologies, Ronald Sasson of Sissy Boy, Ryan Charton of Union Swiss , and one minute rocket pitches from community entrepreneurs, and TSiBA organizations and staff. The program was MCed by Nicole Kada and Ekome Same, who was interview by Cathy Dipnall from Young Business Leaders (YBL) along with Faith Tererai. The event ended with an entrepreneurship market in collaboration with Mhani Gingi. Plants, product and services were displayed by TSiBA stakeholders and Mhani Gingi representatives for entrepreneurs to peruse the tables and network with each other while snacking on a lunch sandwich.

The Ignition Centre hopes to make this an annual event, occurring simultaneous with the Cape Town Entrepreneurship Week ever year. This is one of many exciting components to TSiBA’s entreprenurial future.

Written by: Lindsey Ricker

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