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Written by Paul Mphambani (TSiBA Eden Student & Chairperson of TSiBikes Eden Campus)

Picture: Siphosethu Majini, Tsheditso Pokotsho, Lebohanga Lekhoba, Hopolang Lerutla, Moses Lefora, Sandile Maqhoboza, Sanelisiwe Makhamba, Paul Mphambani, Luvo Vice, Vincent Tlou

We woke up early around 4:30am to go to the Kingfisher Cycle Race Competition that was held at Hoekwil. We left the campus at exactly 5:00am driven by the passion. There was no transport to take us there so we had to ride 20km from the TSiBA campus to Hoekwil. There was 1 lady and 9 guys which made up our team of 10.
When we arrived at the race, the 20km category riders were being called to the start. We had to register fast and drink water immediately, but had not eaten at all. People were surprised to see us with cheap bicycles when theirs cost about R12 000. Some even said theirs cost R124 000. This however did not affect our impressive results. 

We managed to defeat them and maintain various positions in the top twenty. There were about 200 riders. One of our team members, Siphosethu Majini placed in 7th position which means he falls in the top ten. We all received medals.

After all the tribulations we’ve been through, we managed to shine above our expectations. We look forward to competing in many races in the future.
We wouldn’t have made it without the help of Mr Mike Gould and Mr Norman. Thanks to them for the extra support and funding.


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