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On the 20th of August 2011 the SRC of TSiBA Eden went to Sedgefield, PELICAN LODGE for a two day conflict resolution workshop. The workshop was led by Mr Phil Wormsley who is a former business-manager. The session on the 20th was mainly based on the roles of SRC, individual portfolios and the constitution of the forum. “To hear and express the students needs thereby seeking win-win solutions and communicate respectfully with the students and management” were the words of the day.
In the afternoon we went to Swaartvlei beach in Sedgefield and we played an activity with Suzi Cinderey. The activity was to create a TSiBA logo on the sand using different human abilities, for example people who are deaf and blind and not able to walk. We were divided into two groups to play the game. There was a prize for the team that has
created a best Logo, using those abilities to complete the task. The main purpose was to understand how does it feel to be disabled and how well those people could take those challenges.  The activity was fun and exciting, we really enjoyed it.

The next day we had Genevieve who is psychologist, creating self awareness on how conflict resolution could be a tool to use when solving problems. We learnt about three ways of doing that: Internalizing, Reflecting and Metaphor. Meditation was one key way to be used to calm our stress. She emphasized that stress is normal. We then came back to campus on Sunday 21st Aug 11, 12h30.

From my point of view or perspective, the workshop was fantastic as we have learnt a lot and created a bond as a group.  Written by Thomas Mart (Student)

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