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Angel Décor was started by Theodosia Cloete who after years in the retail industry decided to follow her passion for décor and helping others to have beautiful event to remember. Together with her son Bethwill Cloete a TSiBA graduate started Angel Décor in 2009. The idea of a décor business started a few years before then but was officially registered as a Closed Corporation in 2009. This venture was started not as a profit making business but as a passion project that is continuing to grow each day.

Angel Décor provides a Hiring, floristry as well as décor services for events like, birthdays, weddings, etc. The approach taken by Angel décor is that people and relationships are key aspects in ensuring a customer is happy with the service.

The business is following a path of organic growth by using the proceeds of events to grow the business. This is to keep in line with being able to satisfy clients’ needs and not to take on projects that are bigger then what Angel Décor can provide. This is a small but important reminder for the family business that satisfaction is about the smaller details for our clients and also to be honest with our clients.
Theodosia Cloete works in the business on a full-time basis while Bethwill Cloete works on a part-time basis assisting with logistics and some other administrative functions within the business. The practical skills learned during Bethwill’s time at TSiBA Education were pivotal in the setting up of the business. “the transition from theory to practical in our business, made taking note during Entrepreneurship class worth it” says Bethwill. Angel Décor has taken part in the North Eastern-TSiBA field study programme in 2010 where a group of students from both the North Eastern University in Boston and TSiBA Education consulted on the business for 2 weeks. This has been an eye opening experience and Angel Décor has been growing steadily over this time. TSiBA Education in 2011 also entrusted Angel Décor to do their Graduation event. This was a significant event as it was also the day Bethwill graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from TSiBA Education. 

Angel Décor continues to grow each day and in an ever changing environment strives to stay true to its clients and adapt where necessary.

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