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A while ago, I wrote about TSiBA’s relationship with Northeastern University in Boston. There are other international universities with close ties to TSiBA, and I am privileged to spend part of my sabbatical in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands, home of Hanze University. Three of our students have been here as well: Elkay, Jasmine and Thobela have done their IPJs in Groningen.
Groningen is a city in the northeast of The Netherlands with about 200,000 inhabitants, 50,000 of which are students. Imagine that, 1 in 4! (Accordingly, some “kneipen” - Dutch for shebeen - are open 24/7)! Twenty thousand are enrolled at the Hanze. They share a very modern campus to the north of the city with the University of Groningen (RUG) which counts another 20,000 students. The campus is modern and has some stunning architecture. Here’s a gallery of my favorite buildings (click for a larger view):

A sunny spring day on campus!
One of the most remarkable facts about Groningen is the number of bicycles it has. The Dutch are renowned for using the bicycle as their favorite means of transportation, but Groningen beats all records. Estimates say that there are about three bicycles for every single inhabitant, the highest density of bicycles in the world! Take a look at one of the many campus parking lots: on busy days; you’ll have a problem parking your bike and even more of a problem finding it when classes are over!

where’s my bike?

I have been invited to give several guest lectures (seven at last count) at Hanze; about TSiBA, of course, and entrepreneurship, but also about globalization and other economic trends. The story of TSiBA really excites the community here so I am sure we will have a relationship with Hanze for many years to come. For now, we are expecting two students from Hanze to travel to Cape Town to visit us, Douwe Hooijenga and Arik Vlaanderen, who - with their colleagues Angelique Rosner and Alkanna Buist - have fund-raised 11,500 Euro (about 114,000 Rand) for TSiBA (see the full story here). Be sure to shake their hand when they visit TSiBA in August!

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