HCBA students talk about what life is like on campus and what they think about TSiBA

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Pictured: Lugmaan Titus, HCBA student at TSiBA Cape Town

Shon van Harte - T13109
My experience has been amazing and challenging @ the same time I am still adapting to the fast environment and the oh so new economics. I have met some really awesome people here and they make each day worth it.

Carwell Lekay - T13052
Everything is new to me, given my age I have to adapt to different tribes and learn to interact on a daily basis with random people, it’s been fun so far and I really enjoy everyone I engage with. I find that because of TSiBA’s pro bono nature a few lectures are with no urgency and this needs to be worked on. Proud of myself for working it through the institutes arbors and looking forward to tripling my worth.

Sinoxolo Sinari (Lolo) - T13097
I came to Tsiba just to learn business. I have had a great time here at Tsiba and loved every moment more than expected.
Igshaaan Adams - T13003
It’s amazing, I love it although less classes would be much appreciated and also assignment dates should not all be cramped up and I feel that notes should be printed for us; it would make things much easier.

Nokuthula siswana - T13098
I am enjoying every moment of being at TSiBA. Every day I gain new experiences and knowledge. Most of all, knowing that I have a second family on campus makes me feel at home.

Clyde Gympies - T13038
TSiBA is like a working playground. I enjoy every moment on campus. On weekends I wish to be at TSiBA. The classes are nice but I have a problem with ECO-F class. Wish there could be a better Dave. . . NOT!

Vernique Grever - T13036
Notes should be printed and Janine must go through her lectures slower. Assignment due dates must be further apart and not on the same day.

The staff at TSiBA is really thrilled that the students are enjoying their time here and feeling part of the TSiBA family.  Every single student in HCBA 2013 is already a winner to us having made it through the selection process. We have the utmost faith in all of you achieving great things and look forward to being a part of your experience here. We appreciate all your comments and are happy to respond to any queries so that we can make sure TSiBA remains the best it can be.

Written by: Lugmaan Titus, HCBA student at TSiBA Cape Town