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I recently (19th to 21st October) attended an International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance conference at the International Convention Centre.
The theme for the conference was Career Guidance and Development Practices around the World and the programme was full of interesting workshops, talks and exhibitions.
I networked with many people around the world and many of them were interested about TSiBA Education. Most of the SETA’s were pitched in cubicles promoting their different brands. I also had conversations with many of the other tertiary institutions and discussed the developments that needed to take place in this arena.
Watch this space to see further developments for TSiBA.
I have already made some suggestions to the Graduate Alumni at TSiBA through this conference.
I feel very inspired by the work this Institute gives as a platform to many of us and hopefully we will make small changes to the work we do.

Signing off!

Benu Mukhopadhyay

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