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My name is Joseph Maisels a 21 year old from Elsies River and currently a second year student at TSiBA Education. I am fortunate to have qualified for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s Fellowship opportunity. This program offers a rigorous program in entrepreneurial leadership. The program also has avenues of personal growth.

At TSiBA I have had the opportunity to serve the student body that I am a part of in different capacities. Recently I have served on the SRC as the academic representative. This has been a challenging role to fulfill this year. As an SRC we tried to have an strong focus on improving the academic aspect of the lives of students at TSiBA. One project we launched this year was the study nights program which we adopted from BMF-TSiBA.

I have also been the quality assurance officer at ENACTUS TSIBA, a role that I attempted to the best of my ability over the last financial year. We had many challenges to overcome as ENACTUS TSiBA but we managed to complete a number of successful projects and present at the National competition.

I have also had the privilege of performing a tutoring role in the form of a MGT-F tutor for this year. I have enjoyed this role the most as I was able to follow the passion that I have for teaching within this role. I have been fortunate to have a class filled with bright minds that eagerly engage with the course material. They have really made “teaching” them a joy and I have learnt a great deal from my engagements with them.

A role at TSiBA that I have been fortunate to have recently has been that of being an apprentice facilitator for the Spirit of Youth (SOY) program. SOY is run at TSiBA one Saturday of every month and has grade 11 high school learners from across the Cape to engage in personal, leadership and entrepreneurial development. Not only has this program given me access to engage with a group of young individuals with fascinating minds, who are the future leaders of South Africa, but I have also had the opportunity to grow as an individual. The program exposes these young people to a great deal of lessons from life and as an apprentice facilitator I am lucky to be privy to this.

All in all I really enjoy my time at TSiBA Education and the many opportunities that it has exposed me to. I also recently encountered sever health challenges which TSiBA, by means of especially its support team,carried me through and helped me to the position I am in today. I urge all students to make full use of the privileged position we find ourselves in and the exposure that we have to a host of opportunities.

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