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We call ourselves the Les Fella Team. If my memory serves me correctly, Les Fella’s means ladies in French.

The 2013 Les Fella’s family consists of (from left to right) Landela, Haley, Thembi, Thembi, Jade, LiLethu, Zoey, Tara and Chywita.

My name is Haley Chapendeka, the Les Fella’s Netball Captain. I have been the captain for the past 2 years. I love the captain position even though it brings many headaches! I am happy to say that we have successful achieved two medals for netball since my in the past two years.

We currently in the Indoor Netball League at Stadium on Main in Claremont. We normally play indoor netball but we are open to netball tournaments that take place outdoors.  Our netball matches are played every Wednesday evening at Stadium on Main. Every Wednesday the ladies and I play our hearts out. Netball is not only our hobby; we do it because it is our passion. We have so much fun in the courts and I think that is one of the main factors that contribute to us being a successful netball team.

On the 6th September 2013 the Les Fella’s Team played a netball match against the netball girls from TSiBA Eden. We could not wait to play this match. The hype and excitement amongst us all was wonderful. We could not wait to see who the winners will be. From the first blow of the whistle the ladies and I gave it our all. The match was an hour long, but it was broken up into 4 quarters. Half time the score was 11-Les Fella’s and 6-TSiBA Eden. Unfortunately, due to the weather we could not continue to play further.  Therefore the end results were 11-6 in favour of TSiBA Cape Town Les Fella’s.

The Les Fella’s Team has gone through many trails. But each trail brings us closer as a netball family. We have an amazing bond with one another, and laughter can always be expected once we are together.

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