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8 TSiBA CT Cycling Club students will do the #CapeTown #2017CycleTour on 12 March to raise awareness AND funds. Please support Luvo fundraising page (Luvo Backabuddy) - share and

My Cycle Story

I am Luvo Vice, 19 years, born and raised in the Eastern Cape in a rural coastal town called Mqanduli. It was, and it still is, great to be a member of this community which is close the town, as well as the beach. During winter there we experience berg winds coming from the west and during summer we experience sea breeze from the east and south. The dry and warm wind during winter makes it perfect for children to be outside in nature, but is bad for farmers due to scarcity of rainfall. As a kid I would use the winter season to cycle all around my beautiful area.
I was always inspired by professional cyclists even though no one in my family loved this sport as they say it is dangerous. However; at the age of 6 years my mother did buy me a bicycle as a birthday gift and that was the most loved present I had ever received.  That day I fell in love with the sport.

A year later I fell badly off my bike and got a bit a bit scratched up while my bike was smashed into pieces. After that my family said no more bikes! But that did not take away my passion for cycling instead it motivated and taught me that even professionals have to fall to get better. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is what actions you take afterwards. Even to this day cycling is the thing I always go to in times of stress for exercising and I also use it as vital mode of transport to get to TSiBA and study.
In 2014, I was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Certificate in Practical Business Administration at TSiBA Eden in rural Karatara and that’s where my passion for cycling was re-ignited! We started a cycling club with old mountain bikes at the campus and I had to be competitive with myself as we represented TSiBA at local races. The Cycling Club was successful as we were all committed and were there for each other.

During the year 2014/2015 I participated in 4 to 6 races and always came in the top 10 or 20 depending on the distance. Those races were not only about winning, but about bringing the sponsors and spreading awareness about TSiBA Education and it is the number one green, Wessa-rated business school in South Africa.Our success as a club didn’t just end in Karatara, but went provincial when three members moved to TSiBA Cape Town and represented the university at the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour. This year, the Eden team is all pursuing their degree in at TSiBA Cape Town which inspired us to continue the legacy and start the TSiBA Cape Town Cycling Club. I can’t tell you how excited we all are to be cycling and sweating it out together for 109km in the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour!

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