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PHUMZILE NOMBILA BBA2 student                        

Mankind was comprehensive in approach because focused on three aspects of a man, that is,

We were challenged in all of these areas as man and as a result we experienced the changed in personal ways. We were encouraged to use “I” to personalise the experience, and therefore I will use “I” throughout. I will talk about the aspects I have mentioned above.


First, we were tasked to give our group a name, and we agreed that it should be “20 Brothers”. The name brought a unifying effect among us. The group formed 42 man including staff and it was unique in that it felt like what I would term “Mankind Society”. New jargon was introduced and this made the experience totally unique and it felt like a small community. An example of a new jargon is Es..ya, meaning integrity, respect and honour. We were also given a opportunity to talk about the special symbolic objects we asked to bring. This experience helped me to touch on special people in my life and how the object connects me to them. A number of these activities helped me to see how the society has contributed in my positively and negatively. Role modelling activities helped me emerge from things that held me back in. I feel that there needs to be continued work outside the camp in order to make life in society a better one.


There was a point where I lost control over my emotions because of the activity that touched me and others in a profound way. There were moments where I sobbed, not because of what I only went through but also because of what others went through. I was able to dig deep to the experiences that laid buried into my subconscious mind. The activities that were guided helped me reach closure by dealing with underlying issues.


The popular saying that men do not cry is a myth because the experiences at the camp challenged that myth and proved it wrong. I was guided to be in touch with my feelings, and through that guidance I was able to tap into a rollercoaster of emotions. A lot that was happening in the activity room helped us get into each other’s experiences and as a result we cried or laughed with each other. I have learned that there is power in being in touch with one’s or other’s feelings.


The scheduled programme gave the camp a structure as a result that made us feel handled and supported. There were moments where one felt rushed because all the activities had to be finished within a short period, that is, the weekend. There is value in all the activities, such that one would not wish one away. Quality in the form of real and lasting impact to individuals could be enhanced by asking a question as to whether a weekend is sufficient given the number of activities. I would recommend that the duration of the camp be increased to prevent pressure created by time in order to get all the activities done.


Mankind Camp reflection


I had an incredible experience during the weekend. I bonded with my 19 brothers and I feel more connected with them. I many times I was emotional. I faced things that I usually just ignore by keeping busy with my day to day life. The camp allowed me to build strength and get to know myself as an individual. Listening to other brother’s stories was a privilege and learning opportunity. At the beginning of the camp, I was very curious on what we will be doing for the duration. I didn’t know what to expect. I had a bit of nervousness, but nonetheless I told myself that I will get through whatever spiritual, emotional and physical challenges posed. As we progressed I became confident to take on the challenges as they come. I really enjoy the processes we went through. At the end of camp I felt like well-prepared man to face the challenges in the “real world” poses.

•I learned that whatever pain or experience that I am faced with, there are people who are faced with more extreme challenges
•Through sharing we can build internal strength
•Sometimes listening is all it takes to help someone else
•Its dangerous not to observe emotions
•Man can play a better role in building an ideal society where fathers are present, woman and children are not abuse and there’s connectedness amongst people


I didn’t like when every process was chased because of time reason as a result
•We were always rushed to finish breakfast
•We was no breaks in between, therefore I couldn’t digest some of the processes
•Sometimes people were given very limited time to speak and sometimes people would be cut before fully speaking out their emotions
I strongly believe that it’s better to get quality out a few processes, than to rush every process so that the intended outputs/quantitative objectives of the program can be met. This is just my opinion; it’s not necessarily what others told me and maybe a might be totally wrong
Overall impression
I enjoyed the camp. I wish more man could go through the same process. I think all TSiBA man must experience this camp. I have grown emotionally and spiritually. I feel more confident to face the world. All the Mankind staff was very nice and friendly; they treated the TSiBA man with respect and dignity. I was very impression. I now feel like a man ready to face the lions.

Put into this blog by Benu Mukhopadhyay and Kim Hickley part of the Support Team

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