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Romany Grove is towards her final stages of her MBA at the Graduate School of Business here is Cape Town. She decided to undertake her thesis on the topic of mentorship.

At TSiBA all the Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA) students are allocated a mentor. Kim Hickley, a TSiBA Graduate now the Student Development Officer at TSiBA has the task of finding and assigning a mentor to a syndicate group of four students. Kim also is responsible to monitor and track these mentorship sessions. In this quest Kim came in contact with Romany.

Romany devised a questionnaire and sent this to all TSiBA mentors through Kim. She received 16 completed and usable responses. Her initial research was to find out how people over the ages of 60 and 75 years undertake mentorship. This was because of her mother who is 74 years old and Romany saw how much life experiences people of her mothers age were able to offer. However, Romany’s research evolved into her current research which is how mentors at TSiBA are recruited and managed. Romany tempted all TSiBA mentors into completing her questionnaire by offering all the winners of a raffle a R150 Exclusive Books gift voucher. The winners were:
Johan March >

Christin Daniels >

Andrew Curle >

Tomas van der Berckt >

Pricilla Kruger >

Winston Lawrence >

Xolani Kula >

Nadia Ahmed >

Julie McFarlane >

Barbara van Zyl

For a person who used to be a Geologist, English Language teacher and subsequently a person with a Masters in Science Education she certainly is following her passion for Education. We wish Romany all the best in finishing her thesis and ultimately her MBA.

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Written by Benu Mukhopadhyay and Kim Hickley, The Support Team

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