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Monique Williams’ mentor, Freddie Prince, organized for her to do her internship at the Sports & Recreation Department of Community Service of Cape Town. The internship was from the 4th - 8th June, at City Hall! Rolinda Allie (Financial Administrator Officer of Area 1.3) was Monique’s supervisor.

Monique worked in the Finance& Human Resources department. Her internship was around the time of Nelson Mandela day, and while helping with the preparation of the hall, Monique got to be in the same room as Desmond Tutu and the Mayor, Dan Plato!
Monique worked mostly in admin, doing spread sheets, faxes, working on the SAP system and cheque accounts. She says that everyone there was very friendly, and that they answered every single question she asked. “I think that it is one of the companies I would like to work for.”
“Working at City Hall was a great experience. I learned that you have to let who you are shine through in everything that you do. Try to accommodate people because you never know the circumstances they come from.”

Written by Rosalyne McFarlane for the Career Centre

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