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8 TSiBA CT Cycling Club students will do the #CapeTown #2017CycleTour on 12 March to raise awareness AND funds. Please support Moses fundraising page (Moses Backabuddy) - share and like!!

My Cycle Story
My name is Nkumane Moses Lefora; I was born and raised in a tiny town called Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape. When I grew up I always wanted to cycle, but that seemed like an impossible dream because where I came from there was no one that cycled.

When I was in grade nine I used to ride my bike to school and back home and I really enjoyed being on the bike. In 2014 I went to study at TSiBA Education Eden in Karatara where I became an active cyclist and started participating in races as we had a big cycling club of about 20 active members. Currently I am studying towards my degree at TSiBA Education in Cape Town and I am looking forward to cycle as much as I can because I love to cycle.


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