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Written by Shon Von Harte, TSiBA Bachelor in Business Administration Student (BBA2)
WOW! What an experience! As I began my internship at the beginning of December 2014 I had no idea that CURO would have such a massive impact on me and my career path. The great mentors that I was exposed to, set the pace for me in so many ways – I am so grateful at the opportunity presented for I now have a taste of what the working world is really like. Their welcoming culture made my stay absolutely delightful and I walked away with more than just insight – I now possess their value system too.

I worked in the HR Department which is the field I want to go into after I graduate from TSiBA. I know have a better understanding of the HR roles –like the legalities, administration, corporate politics and employment equity. Also, the reality of the competitiveness of that environment in comparison to TSiBA which is very supportive.

I was commended on my ethics and values which definitely gave me an edge and using my initiative right from the beginning. My advice to other students for when they do internships is speak up and don’t be afraid to ask, they want you to ask and expect that you will take the initiative. Go extra mile and never get too comfortable as everything you do is being observed!

A big thanks to TSIBA for setting the foundation within, I am forever thankful that I could walk into their doors everyday feeling like I have something profound to offer!

Life’s Good and you all are Great! Find yourself and be that.

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