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My name is Nolwazi Nkosi. I am a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA1) student at TSiBA Cape Town. I am originally from Johannesburg, Soweto, but I am currently staying in Pinelands, Cape Town. I have been working at Neotel for my internship. Neotel is a telecommunication company. I was in the marketing department and also doing promotions at the mall to promote the Neotel product. What I liked about my internship is the fact that they made us feel part of the team and also believed in us that we were able to do what was assigned to us. I got to understand the importance of a customer because without the customer they is no company at all. I have learned that in a business is it all about team work and that collaboration is really important.  What I liked about Neotel is how they are hands on, it really does not matter what position you are in everyone works together as a team.

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