My first trip overseas to Germany with TSiBA Exchange Programme

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Written by Leeroy Jansen, TSiBA BBA Student

I am super excited about this awesome opportunity. It has always been one of my life goals to explore the world and meet interesting people from different backgrounds. With this amazing opportunity awarded to me by the TSiBA and Rosenheim team, I will be able to live up to my life goal. As excited as a am to go abroad, I am also equally if not more so excited that i will not just be a TSiBA ambassador but also an ambassador of Manenberg.

For years the view of Manenberg has been that of gang violence, unemployed youth who turn to crime, the area that produce criminals and known as the place that all people fear, but with this opportunity I will be able to show all of those who view Manenberg in bad light that there are stories of hope. This amazing opportunity will help me influence the mindset and help me eliminate the stereotype surrounding Manenberg.

I am not in this trip for pleasure or leisure, but to help give my area of birth and the youth of my local community an equal footing when entering any workplace. A fair chance at employment by which the success of their studies are considered and not denied employment because of where they come from. 

For more information about me and my story, or if you would like to support my fundraising efforts click here for my Back-a-Buddy page:

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