My fun day with the kids in Lavender Hill, Cape Town, to ‘Pay it Forward’

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Written By Deborah Solomons

Las Sunday, in my free time, I organised and hosted an event on behalf of Veronica Kroukamp (CEO) of Lavender Green Pastures (NGO), based in Lavender Hill Retreat for the kids in the area. The kids I worked with are from a very poverty stricken and crime related background. They were between the ages of 9 to 14.

The purpose of the whole event was to give these kids a new perspective of what life is about. My plan was to give these kids a chance to be themselves and to be children as they should be, even if its for one day. One thing that I have come to realise is that although they may look like children, they are treated and expected to be adults at an early age as a result of their circumstances.
Basically, the program that I set up was most of the activities that I have learnt on the Educo course and have done myself. I have told some of the Educo staff members that I would do a workshop with some kids by using the ideas that I have gained from them.

One of the things I did was asked the kids a question about what makes the kids happy and what makes them sad. Another thing I did was help them make masks which they decorated.

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