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TSiBA Education held its first open day for 2012 on the 17th May 2012. This was a clear indication that recruitment for the 2013 intake was in full swing. The purpose of the open day was to give the prospective students for 2013 a chance to learn more about what TSiBA education provides as a tertiary institution.

The planning for the open day started weeks before the 17th May 2012. First the medium of how to get the message to the prospective students was chosen.  Vukani, Die Son and People’s Post was targeted to advertise about the Open Day. There after the program for the Open Day was carefully constructed on how the day will be runned. The program included showing prospective students a DVD about the TSiBA journey, PowerPoint presentation, campus tour and experiences from current students.
The new Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA) students paid it forward with assisting with the Open Day. It was a moderate turn out with just over 80 people that have shown interest in what TSiBA education has to offer.

The day went well with only a bottle neck at registration; however after that it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day. The HCBA students really worked well together and showed great enthusiasm about sharing with prospective students what it means to Ignite Opportunity.

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