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8 TSiBA CT Cycling Club students will do the #CapeTown #2017CycleTour on 12 March to raise awareness AND funds. Please support Paul fundraising page (Paul Backabuddy) - share and like!!

My Cycle Story

I am Paul Itumeleng Mphambani, a 27-year-old male originally from Soweto Township in Gauteng, Johannesburg. I was raised by a single parent, my mother, in a family of five siblings including my twin. I have never met my father as he died when I was around 2 years old. I am the first person to finish high school in my family and the first one to enter the tertiary education.
I grew up living in one room with the whole family which we rented for R300 per month. My twin brother and I, as the only men in the house, decided to go work at the age of 15 years old so that we can rent our places and give my sisters their privacy. As a result, we ended up in places that I am not proud of as we never thought we would end up, as part of a gang. In 2007 by some miracle, I managed to get out of the gang which I thought was impossible. I then focused on completing my high school in 2009.

Back then I never had a love for the cycling back then as we were more interested in causing mischief. However; my passion started in 2013 at TSiBA Eden in Knysna (where I completed my Certificate in Practical Business Administration as well as my Higher Certificate in Business Administration). TSiBA Eden campus had a wendy house full of bicycles and helmets which were not being used so my fellow student and I fixed them and I helped found a cycling team I remember my first race, the Kingfisher,  was like a dream come true where I did 70km mountain biking in the Garden route trails.

In 2015 I came to study towards my BBA degree at TSiBA Cape Town and am now in my second year. We got the opportunity to cycle as part of the TSiBA team in the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour. which Being a part of the biggest timed cycle race in the world was the best time of my life ever even though the race was a bit shorter due to bad fires in Cape Town that year. Overall it gives me a great sense of pride to be able to turn my life around by finding passion and positive focus through this sport that I never thought I would have the opportunity to get involved with and that I persevered no matter what!

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