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At TSiBA, it seems that the Pay It forward potential is infinite. Among the many community-orientated students is Phumzile Nombila.

Phumzile is a male nurse, whose family is his biggest inspiration. His wife is also a trained nurse, and together they have three children; Lutho (18), Mnqweno (11), and Sinomtha (5). “My wife has given me overwhelming support. I like to give a lot of advice and to share my experiences, especially with my daughter who keeps the things that I share with her. I make time for my son, and try to be a role model of being a responsible man in the community.”
Phumzile worked in England for a time, and saw how unhappy his children were to be away from him. “When I came back, it was an eye opener. Now I embrace my children more. What amazes me is that they are so wise, it’s beyond words. I always see wisdom in them, before I had them; my prayer was that God would give me children that will have wisdom. I see that coming true every day. I see they are spiritually more aware, and that’s the only thing I wanted to accomplish in this lifetime - so that they can be in touch with their spirituality, not necessarily religion, but spirituality.”

Phumzile wants to make a difference in the community using his skills. “I want to bring my two passions together, to see how I can assist people in starting their own business while I am helping them in the medical side of things.”
Once a year, Phumzile assesses the students here at TSiBA to see if they are fit to go to the wilderness. “There is so much that I want to take to greater heights, which is why I came to TSIBA. “

Phumzile’s passion lies in the rural areas where cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes, known as ‘silent killers’, are very common.

“In most cases, after people have been affected by illness, and it has altered their physical abilities, it affects the income in the house. The only thing that our institutions are doing is to organise a grant, so on top of that I want to get into that space where I can use the entrepreneurial skills that I learn here(at TSiBA) to teach them how to get an income. I want to come up with a model to penetrate communities.”

Phumzile Nombila, a name to remember for revolutionizing health care in South Africa.

Rosalyne McFarlane part of The Support Team

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