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Entrepreneurship 2 Implementation Presentations

Implementation is a component absent in most entrepreneurship business degrees around the world. However, the implementation requirement in TSiBA’s Entrepreneurship 2 class is clearly successful as project presentations demonstrated Thursday, October 19. From the Tongue Smart Catering (TSC) buffet to the displays of accessories and fashion products, the students of Entrepreneurship 2 have clearly made their business theories a reality. Among the eight student ventures, the teams together earned a net profit of about R50,000.
The student teams consisted of:

TSC food display

The presentations showed advanced knowledge of venture management and enlightened philosophies on entrepreneurship. Teams discussed the challenges they faced and had to resolve complex issues such as changes in suppliers, navigating group dynamics, and managing financial operations. The groups’ successful performances will set a new benchmark for future student enterprises. The top two teams will also have the honour of presenting their businesses during TSiBA’s Cape Town Entrepreneurship Week event on November 16.

One of the eight student ventures, Flavavuum

Written by: Lindsey Ricker

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