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8 TSiBA students from TSiBA’s Cycling Club will do the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour to raise awareness AND funds. Please share this link & support Rizqah Nordien at Rizqah Backabuddy

My name is Rizqah Nordien, 21 years of age. My passion and love for cycling started out when I was asked to help out at a local bike shop in the 2011 October holidays. I soon found myself fascinated by this sport a few months later I got to cycle on the road for the first time…This is where my story begins.

Today, I am a former road cyclist who gave up her dream of becoming a league road cyclist after deciding to choose between racing or becoming a full-time student.Previously I was under full sponsorship for 3-years with a local bike shop where I realised how much passion I have for this sport. Lunch breaks didn’t matter and all I was interested in was learning about bikes and repairs. During that time I cycled for Steenberg High (2011-2013), Cedar race team (2013) as well as being fully sponsored by Caledonion Cycles (2011-2013). In 2013 I did my first Cape Town Cycle Tour in 4hr47.  I have further technical experience with building and working on bikes through practical training at Sportsman’s Warehouse cycling department.

Cycling will always be a part of me because the thing I love doing nearly paralysed me from the waist down in 2011 due to a mountain bike duathlon accident injuring my lower spine. Nobody believed I would ever race again, but I proved them wrong and raced my way up to 18 races and 4 successful tours and received “Player of the Year Award” in matric. I have also paid it forward by coaching youth and beginners when I worked at the local bike shop on weekends.

I am currently a BBA1 student at TSiBA and my vision is to inspire other females out there that nothing is impossible. It has been nearly 2.5 years since I’ve cycled, but I feel it is a time I do what I love most by getting back on the saddle and start a new chapter by slowly getting back into the sport and eventually work my way up if all goes well. And if just by cycling, and doing what I love, can help raise funds for scholarships even better!

My goal is to someday be able to start my own cycle business as well as inspire youth to pursue their dreams by believing that anything is possible.

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