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8 TSiBA CT Cycling Club students will do the #CapeTown #2017CycleTour on 12 March to raise awareness AND funds. Please support Siphosethu fundraising page (Siphosethu Backabuddy) - share and like!! 

My Cycle Story
I was born in the heart of a very cold winter, June 1993, and raised by both parents in rural Eastern Cape. I grew up in the village called Khohlo, in a small town of Mqanduli.  I was introduced to TSiBA Eden Campus in 2014 as a CPBA student.  There was bicycle at the campus used by students so we formed a successful cycling TSiBA Eden Club. I did many races in the Garden route and always doing well coming in the top 10. Through hard work and commitment I improved with ever race -.or my first race I was 7th, and the second 5th, and the third 2nd and the last one came first.

I enjoyed my childhood although it was not easy. I did all the things that other children did in the village, but I felt different as I also loved to play with mechanical things. I remember when I worked on the wiring of my first motor car, it was my first I created something that I could get paid for - and have fun doing! But even when I was 5 years old I was aware that I loved getting out there and making things happen. When I started school in 1998 I already knew what I wanted to become when I grew up. I wanted to be a cyclist and from 1999 I started to use my uncle’s bicycle to go to school. Since then I have never stopped using a bicycle as my means of transport as I developed a deep love for cycling in my early years. It was really challenging for me a few years later when I moved again and my parents couldn’t afford to buy me my own bicycle and my uncle was using it so couldn’t give me his. That was very difficult three years of my life as a child so I spent all my weekends and vacations near my uncle so I could ride his bicycle.

Cycling taught me two important lessons: to be responsible and not to give up. I remember when I started to ride a bicycle it was not easy as I fell down many times, but I never gave up. I kept on learning until I became an expert at it and I never stop learning so now I can do quite a lot of techniques on the bicycle. I have learned to be responsible when I am riding my bike, and in life generally.
In 2014 and 2015 I won an award at school for the best sportsman of the year. I love cycling, and to keep myself fit and healthy.


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