SRC Election Process In Full Swing!

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They say spring is a time of changes; this is defiantly true for TSiBA Cape Town Campus students.

Elections for the new SRC Executive 2011/2012 has come and gone! Fridays elections was the day of reckoning for the candidates running for the top positions in TSiBA’s SRC. Students turned out in hordes to cast their vote for change and representation, a true display of taking a interest in what happens on campus in regard to our fellow students. Having spoken to a few of the candidates they have some very promising ideas on how to “change things up, while representing the student body”.
Election results and the official hand over will be taking place on the 26th of October at the Academic Ceremony.

Look out for the full story on the Elections, The out-going SRC and the 2011/2012 TSiBA SRC Executive in the next issue of the Igniter Coming Soon!!!!

Kimi Davids, BBA 2 student, Igniter Team member

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