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Student Appreciation speech written and presented by Joseph Maisels at Graduation 2013.

Good afternoon distinguished guests and students

There is a ritual that I perform that I would like to share with you this afternoon. I perform this ritual when I things become too much with regards to my studies and personal life. What I do to motivate myself and remind myself that the completing my degree is possible is stare at the wall of TSiBA alumni. This wall has the names and photographs of individuals who have walked the same path and were able to complete. Today we welcome a new group of alumni who will also be on that same wall.
I would like to congratulate you one completing the degree and thank you. You have walked a journey and completed it and today we applaud you for that. This started for most of you just over 4 years ago and with what was then called foundation year and is now known as the HCBA. Today we also have graduates of the HCBA, to you all I can say is good luck. Ahead of you lay a road full of hard work. You need to know that you can all onto members of the TSiBA community for assistance.
We thank you for being our tutors, mentors and is some cases friends. Although you may only have touched some of our lives in this way you serve as a symbol of motivation and hope for all of us. We urge you today to keep living lives that ignites opportunity for others. This you can do by applying the philosophy of “Paying it Forward”.
Once again I look forward to seeing you on the wall of graduates as I walk into campus especially when things get tough. You will serve as symbols of hope not only to us now but to future TSiBA students to come.

Joseph Maisels: Second Year Student - TSiBA Education; Academic Representative - TSiBA SRC; Quality Assurance Coordinator - ENACTUS TSiBA; Candidate Fellow - Allan Gray Orbis;

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