SYMBIOSIS IN EDUCATION CONFIRMED: government and private education can partner

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Written by Dorothea Hendricks, Special Projects & Student Psychologist at TSiBA Cape Town.

TSiBA and its CEO, Adri Marais, had the immense honour today, to welcome the youngest member of parliament, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mduduzi Manana and his team.  Aged 29, some factors that possibly led to his appointment to this senior position, were confirmed in the 3 hour long visit and wonderful discussions with staff and students. Deputy Minister Manana’s passion for education, his vision of how critical education is particularly both government and private sector education sharing resources, his clarity of the vital impact of education, economics, nation buildling together, his call for young people to have the kind of patriotism which can be critical, but build the nation at all levels and educate themselves and their communities, his obvious brilliance as a business person and yet his ability to be a person to other persons in discussion. 

Student Leader, Chris Koyana and founding staff member Lindelwa Hanjana were the Deputy Minister’s hosting team, amplified by SRC President Tasneem Teladia and the whole TSiBA SRC and senior students. They shared the impact of TSiBA on their lives.  TSiBA Staff were invited to share one principle of how and what we do that is part of our X-Factor of success.  The entourage then engaged with the TSiBA Support team, which includes trained and highly skilled Peer Counselors, and professional staff.  Based on an African model, designed over years by both the students and careful visioning which at all times confirms a person’s worth and capability, some of the Support Team modus operandi and programme were shared with Deputy Minister Manana.

At the beginning of the visit, Deputy Minister Manana had clarified that this visit should culminate in an exploration of the partnering possibilities ahead, which should be tabled and held to account.  He acknowledged his admiration of our work and indicated that it was remarkable and daring an educational model. It is based on solid research and experiential learning, good business principles, values and the joint ownership of the institution by students, management, staff and the business discussion at the end concluded with commitments which included the Deputy Minister endorsement of our work as well as our willingness to share our model, learnings and intellectual property with other local institutions, for example. 

We are thankful for the honour of receiving him and for the establishment of this amplifying partnering with the Department of Higher Education and Training. Staff and students alike were inspired, and Deputy Minister Manana, Mduduzi Gumede, Portia Morai, Lwazi, also inspired by their presence and the very professional people they are. Lindelwa Hanjana’s pertinent appreciation and challenge to government drew our common goal never taking away hope from people, doing all we need to in order to educate with brilliance and never tiring to empower young people to rise to their leadership capacity with the full support of all who are skilled in our country. Proposals for our future work together will be written this week and this great meeting taken to the next level of engagement and commitment.

Though protocol and procedures are critical and necessary, Deputy Minister Manana’s clarity of intent, ability to endorse commitments and to take ideas to pragmatic steps, may signify the younger leadership’s ability to see a good thing, and engage with purpose. We look forward to a meaning and necessary partnership as we at TSiBA educate this nations young leaders and build this nation, with a world-class educational institution.

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