T.E.A. Pitch and Poster Competition Launch May 6th, 2015

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This week we had the launch of our first TSiBA Entrepreneurial Activity Pitch and Poster Competition during the Hero Speaker talk. Abe Oliver, the Ignition Centre Manager introduced our sponsors from the Rotary Club of Newlands: Andy Ismay, Jenny Ibbotson and Kenny van Aardt who gave an overview of the Rotary Club and their pledge for continual support if our pilot Pitch and Poster Competition is a success. We believe this competition is the recipe for a sustainable partnership with the Rotary Club going forward!
The speech made by Mr. van Aardt was followed by a very inspirational talk from Hero Speaker of the day: Dr. Ron Duggins, Director of the Centre for Business Development at Meridian Technology in Oklahoma, USA. Dr. Duggins presented his P.O.S.T. UP strategy for success as an entrepreneur. This inspiring strategy is an analogy for a basketball game when a player “posts up” in preparation for receiving the ball and scoring! The acronym P.O.S.T. stands for preparing a foundation, opportunity or making the most of every opportunity given, setting up your network, and taking action. For our TSiBA Pitch and Poster competition the Ignition Centre will a receive 15,000R grant from the Rotary Club of Newlands. This is an amazing opportunity for TSiBA students to win seed funding for their business ideas!
Students who want to enter the competition will be required to submit a first draft of their poster for their business idea to the Ignition Centre by May 29th. Then, they will go on to have consultations in the Ignition Centre in order to polish their ideas for the final Pitch and Poster day in June. It will be the first time students from all classes will be able to work together and compete against one another with their own business ideas! This competition is part of TSiBA’s strategy and vision to ignite opportunity among its students. It will be the beginning of a hatchery within the Ignition Centre for student ideas, which will lead to incubation within the centre and eventually a new business start-up. Hopefully, the TSiBA Pitch and Poster Competition can lead to many student initiated businesses and a stronger connection between the Ignition Centre, TSiBA students and the Entrepreneurship Curriculum! We are so excited to see what the students come up with for our TSiBA Pitch and Poster Competition!

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