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by Olwethu Gubula

You are here today

You are here today to live a life of meaning, and to live it well. You are here today to make a difference.
You are here today to witness the beauty of this life. You are here today to take action, and to create new goodness.
Today, you are here to express values you treasure. Today, you are here to support all you love and care about.
You are here today to learn, to grow, to feel and to give. You are here to wonder, to explore, to share and to encourage.
You are here today because no one else can do what you can do. No one else can offer what you have to offer.
Live today as though it is your unique, essential mission to be you and to be doing what you do. For in countless ways, on all kinds of levels, it is.
NB: TSIBA might not be what you expected but it is a blessing in disguise my friends, my advice to all of you is… Embrace the opportunity, make the best out it, learn as much as you could, love as much as you could and always show gratitude… it’s the beginning of the year and you all see each other as just individuals form indigenous places, and trust me! You will go back home knowing that you were not just friends, school mates, roommates nor just partners but a Family. Most important, have fun and study hard you will reap the rewards at the end of the journey


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