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On the 21st of September, we were honoured to have one of the first TSiBA students come back to speak to the current TSiBA students.
Simphiwe Mahlanyana was one of the first TSiBA students when TSiBA opened their doors in 2005. In 2007, he dropped out, for personal reasons, and went to work for the Aquarium as the administrator. Simphiwe was very dedicated to his job, he learnt fast and that earned him a promotion. A month after his promotion he got an offer from Umthombo Wesizwe to project manage some of their projects.  Because he was new at this promotion and wanted to still grow and learn more he turned the offer down and decided to volunteer instead. It wasn’t long before they came back to him with the offer that he eventually took up. Simphiwe is currently the Project Coordinator at Umthombo Wesizwe, he has his own place and recently bought his car which he calls Sim.

Simphiwe’s talk was structured around what he called his life’s roadmap from 2001 to 2011. He started off by introducing us to how he grew up, what his challenges were and how he overcame them. His life’s roadmap began with him at Langa High School.  He then graduated from Langa High and went to study at TSiBA Education and that is where his eyes were opened to possibilities and much more that life has to offer. Simphiwe shared the Top Ten Tips On How To Reach Intended Career from his book that he is currently working on.

Last year he made it to the top 100 in Cape Town for the South African Idols. His talk was funny and entertaining. What came across strongly for me was that Simphiwe has a very strong internal locus. He is not apologetic and uses what he has to get him to where he wants to go. I was happy to hear him encourage the students and telling them to be proud of their achievement. The fact that they got accepted at TSiBA and they have the opportunity to make the best of their lives.

Written by: Ntombiza Lingani, Marketing Team

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