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By Keke Mohasi, TSiBA Cape Town student & Public Relations and Media for TSiBA BMFsc

As of the 20th August, We had one of the great, inspiration and successful businessman Bill-Guy Bhembe. He is the founder of Black Child Its Possible. He started his company at the age of 19, this was when he was doing his 2nd year of University at University of Johannesburg.

His message to us,was simple to dream without limits, never procrastinate, finish what you have started and most importantly, success doesn’t recognize age. He encouraged us to do anything we want to do now, because it’s not about age but the things we believe we can do now.

In his talk, he mostly emphasized on inspiration and how ones life challenges can make you stronger and become a hero like he is one day. Billy-Guy beliefs success is the ability to move from point A to point B.

The Black Management Forum is a non- racial, non partisan advocacy organization which condemns racism and discrimination of any kind based on race, gender, sex,  ethnic or social origin, colour, language, religion or politics against any of its members, private persons or groups of people. 

Billy-Guy and his team speaks one language fluently and that is “INSPIRATION” .  Black Child Its Possible. For more of inspiring and motivational stories find him at http://www.blackchilditspossible.co.za

Photo from left to right, Lumka (student at TSiBA), Billy-Guy Bhembhe (Guest Speaker), Thembi Malinga (Student), Mandi (COO Black Child Its Possible) and Keke Mohasi (student at TSiBA).

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