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Who Are We

A division of TSiBA Education NPC, The TSiBA Career Centre provides professional services in the field of talent development and sourcing for permanent and temporary recruitment. Our team works to fulfill the needs of a growing client base in a professional and competent manner and in so doing ‘Ignites Opportunity’ for the community of candidates and clients who we serve. The TSiBA Career Centre functions as a Social Enterprise whose proceeds go directly to supporting the vision and mission of TSiBA Education. 
TSiBA Education is a not-for-profit university and business school with a vision to ‘Ignite Opportunity’. TSiBA does this by providing emerging leaders from disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to study high quality and accredited academic business leadership and entrepreneurship qualifications. TSiBA is registered and fully accredited with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution. 

In so far as our recruitment services are concerned we specialize in two core areas including ( ) sourcing of talented business graduates and professionals across all levels and employment equity profiles from support staff to management and executive positions, and ( ) targeted skills development programs for early career placement. Following its inception in 2004 and over a decade of building a community of partners, the TSiBA network spans multiple organizations, graduates, and professionals across all walks of life. Our broad community of professionals and professional organizations built over a decade of relationship building places the TSiBA Career Centre in a unique position to add value on a commercial basis while supporting the financial sustainability of the educational institution.     

How We Work

Our team works to the highest professional standards in talent sourcing and recruitment. Following the conclusion of a full client briefing on skill and profile requirements the following candidate information is provided as standard to all our clients – and towards the ongoing achievement of recruitment excellence:
Full candidate biographical details of candidates (including full names; surname; identity number, and nationality)
Employment Equity status details and gender of candidates
Confirmation of the candidate’s grade 12 (twelve) and other academic qualifications
Unique profile of candidates matching job specifications following one-on-one interviews with all candidates
Full details of any training or skills which the candidate has acquired over the course of his/her career
Full details of the candidate’s employment history including, but not limited to the job title, duration of employment, duties and responsibilities, reason for leaving/wanting to leave and salary or package details for each position held
An indication of the candidate’s current package/salary as well as the candidate’s package/salary expectations
An explanation for any gaps in the candidate’s employment history, if applicable
Proof of a candidate’s most recent salary or package details
Confirmation and verification of the candidate’s qualification record, ITC status and criminal record
Two reference check reports on all candidates from referees whom our candidate have reported to directly in his/her most recent positions
Copies of a candidate’s identity documents and qualifications

Why Work With Us

Following ten years of igniting opportunity TSiBA’s has developed extensive reach and capability in career development, talent identification and candidate matching.
TSiBA Education has Level 2 BBBEE rating.
In support of employment equity targets TSiBA partners and clients have access to student internships for work assignments and graduates for placement. 
100% of TSiBA Education’s student population are black people as defined in the codes of Good Practice on BBBEE. Working with the TSiBA Career Centre effectively means supporting our students.
In isiXhosa, the word “tsiba” means to “leap”. Through the relationship we have with our clients and partners we are able to do just that – create scholarship opportunities for students from disadvantaged communities to gain access to quality tertiary education.
We aim to provide the highest levels of service in the sourcing and placement of talent and skills you need. 

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