TSiBA Eden students prepare to go on EDUCO Camps

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Next week is a big one for new events at TSiBA Eden.  24 First year students and 2 staff members are preparing themselves for a 6-day Wilderness experience in the Outeniqua Mountains.  It is interesting to walk into Suzi’s office (LSD-F lecturer and student affairs manager) and see a backpack sitting on her chair (instead of Fiela, her dog). 

Aneline (chef in the Eden kitchen) is feeling excited about the prospect of going on camp.  She sees it as a challenge for herself.  Asking students in class; there seem to be mixed feelings - some look forward with excitement and some with a little trepidation.  Luckily the weather this week has warmed up considerably.  A week ago there was snow on some of the surrounding mountains.  In early September the second group of students and staff (myself included), will head off on the same trail.

I am really looking forward to being out in the wilderness and taking a little time with myself in a natural setting.  Xolani, a student from TSiBA Cape Town, who joined us half through the year is not telling anything about his experience earlier this year!  All he said was, “wait until they return” to see how they feel about it. According to Suzi the biggest source of anxiety at the moment is not snakes and goggos, but rather cellphone withdrawal symptoms - sentiments shared by lecturers’ family members.  Lecturers are looking forward with glee to burying their blackberries and exchanging them for silence!

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