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by Sipho Dyanase
Oh…TSiBA my hero
Oh…TSiBA the intelligent one
You compromise time and effort just to ensure we obtain knowledge
You encourage and motivate donors to invest for our lives
Oh…TSiBA how kind can one be?
The fact that you supply education and demand effort reveals tenderness
I can’t help acting suspicious whilst knowing you upright
That’s called Fearlessness
Harboring a grudge on your internal judge- mentalism
You still encounter golden platform in my Individualism
Oh…TSiBA you never impose muddleness upon our soul

You indicate to a position
Where achievement is a role waiting to be played
Where competence is a melody waiting to be listened to
Where leadership is a position wanting to be felt
Where possibility is a factor of prosperity
Oh…TSiBA how amazing you are
How much gratitude shall we reveal?

Oh…TSiBA you are my hero

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