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Our names are Dimitri Louw and Mandy Papier 1st and 2nd year students at TSiBA education respectively. We are co-founders of the new up and coming dance studio, Revolution Studio’s.

We are currently studying at TSiBA Education. We are doing so because we want to to acquire all the necessary knowledge to understand and grow our business professionally. TSiBA education is not only a University it is a support structure that gives you all the necessary guidelines and support to be a successful individual. The mentoring program that TSiBA have is an amazing program, it gives you the opportunity to have sessions with a successful human being and talk about life and to better you as a person. Our Varsity also have a program that allows us to talk to a life couches that will give us the necessary tools to be a successful person.

The studio is up and running since May 2012 to date. Our doors are open to anyone who has a love for dancing and want to grow as a solo dancer as well. Our goal is to make strong dancers individually, so that our movement can be even stronger. We are five partners, each playing a vital role in the creativity and driving force of this Dance Family. We are a diverse bunch of individuals, all from different walks of life as well as very different dancing backgrounds. In this diversity lies our strength. We pride ourselves in doing things differently, seeking new and more adventurous ways to teach our classes, constructing our pieces as well as challenging ourselves in numerous choreographic aspects. We may not agree on everything but we have one thing in common -the love of Dance.

We recently entered one of the biggest dance competitions called ‘Dance to Las Vegas South Africa’. The competition is in search for South Africa’s best dance crews/groups to represent there country in the world Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. As every year the competition just gets more tough, all the crew’s want to be the best in their country and with that motivation its hard for anybody to win. We entered 3 sections our u18’s, Adult crew (18 and over) and in the mega-crew section. With us just being together for almost 2 years, it was a huge leap to get to 1st place. Not expecting to place top 3 we danced hard and left our hearts on that stage. As the competition ended we heard the names for the younger crews and our u18 team did not make top 3, as sad as it was we still had some faith in the other crews. As they announced the adult crews and said our adult crew placed 4th was an amazing feeling. In 2012 we placed We placed 3rd in the Mega-crew section and now have the opportunity to represent South Africa in the World Hip Hop championships in Las Vegas. We are in need of sponsorship to make this opportunity possible.

website: http://www.revolutionstudios.wozaonline.co.za
cell: 079 163 4407