TSiBA Students Share Thoughts on Prem Rawat’s Wisdom

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TSiBA students share their experience of Prem Rawat’s Peace Education Programme & his Social Change Lecture at the Cape Town Campus on the 27 November 2015

Mphumzi Duna, BBA2 Student at TSiBA Cape Town
“In a way the PEP has shown me how to appreciate my surroundings and not complain about what I do or don’t have. Now I feel I am more at peace with myself and the people around me because the lesson we learned from Prem in all the videos has inspired us to do just that. When I have a problem I think of his lessons which taught me what to do when I encounter a situation and how I should act upon it.”

Monwabisi Mtshamba, BBA2 Student at TSiBA Cape Town
“One of most important things I learned is that currently everyone is always talking about world peace and about war and what that means, but Prem Rawat has made me think of my involvement in all of this as he says that peace starts with ‘you’. In all this talk we do not get is that we, as individuals, have a part to play in all of this and what is inside us manifests to the outside too. Tools I have learned have helped me be more content and appreciate other people. In dealing with conflict we often forget to appreciate the small things we do have, for example the current education crisis in South Africa with the #feesmustfall protests. A few weeks ago I realised that while we could be complaining about our DP’s (duly performed – to write exams) that actually we should rather see that we are getting an awesome opportunity to write our end of year exams when many of our peers at other universities are not.”

Cinga Dyantyisi, BBA2 Student at TSiBA Cape Town
“ It is about being mindful. After you listen to Prem you become more mindful of your surroundings and yourself as person. You get to think about your footprint and how things you do affect other people. The parables taught us lessons with their stories in a way that we will now never forget.  Essentially Prem teaches us to be conscious of the unconscious mind, prepare for the unprepared and see the unseen.”

Mthetho Koyana, BBA2 Student at TSiBA CT, 2015 SRC President
“I have learned to think about my thoughts which is always being conscious and mindful –  we have both an unconscious and conscious mind which leads to self -awareness.  The programme, more than anything, has brought me self-awareness and the knowledge that peace comes from within - not outside- also that you can transfer this to other people. I think I am now more peaceful minded than before and can enter into a conflict situation and be able to calm the situation down. I can help bring about change and be the bigger man and fight for peace.  Each and every one of us are the same regardless of backgrounds.”

Zayd Batchelor, HCBA Student TSiBA CT
“It is really all about what they say in the (John Mayer) song “say what you need to say”. It has taught me to be more open and more understanding and accepting of who I am as a person. The 12 week course taught me to accept me for me.  Before the Peace Programme I was more passive and I would tend to hold things to myself and not stand up for myself. Through finding peace in myself I have progressed to being more assertive and not letting my opinions get trampled on.”

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