TSiBA to host 8th NU Summer Programme

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TSiBA will host the 8th Northeastern University Summer Programme (NU - USA) which brings together 22 South African entrepreneurs, 44 American students, and 76 local TSiBA students to promote cultural exchange and global entrepreneurial activity.

Students from both universities form consulting teams and are assigned to local entrepreneurs facing unique business challenges where they will help them to develop viable solutions. Students, who have been studying entrepreneurship from an academic perspective will get first-hand experience on the daily realities and “bumps in the road” that entrepreneurship entails.

Entrepreneurs are selected from a wide range of industries like tourism, transportation, wellness, entertainment and community and youth development.. This diversity ensures students get to choose to work on ventures they feel passionate about.

As the programme is too short for the solutions to be implemented by the consulting teams, TSiBA Ignition Centre will continue engaging with these entrepreneurs to support them in growing their businesses to become sustainable. They will have an opportunity to join our mini-MBA programme, the Business Essentials courses, and find a mentor among our qualified business experts.

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