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Written by Ilana Barling, TSiBA Librarian

Picture: Kaylen Breda, Nonkonzo Rwayimani, Rafeeq Goliath, Celene Chetty (sitting), Jennifer Moeketsi and Ivan Moulomba

In September, Juta and Company kindly donated two large boxes of books which are perfectly suited to the Open Access Book Collection at TSiBA.

This collection, found in the Student Development room, contains books which are not catalogued and are available for indefinite loan periods. These books cover a wide range of topics from business management, economics, leadership and entrepreneurship to politics, psychology, art and history. The collection also includes a number of novels.

The collection functions on an honesty policy. When the reader has finished with the book, it will be returned so others may read it. All that is needed from the student, is the book details, their name and student number and the date on which the book was borrowed. These are noted in the loan register.

As soon as the books hit the shelves, a bunch of students were there to see what new books had arrived.

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