Vincent Motebang Ntlou Cycle Tour for TSiBA

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8 TSiBA CT Cycling Club students will do the #CapeTown #2017CycleTour on 12 March to raise awareness AND funds. Please support Vincent fundraising page (Vincent Backabuddy) - share and like!!

My Cycle Story
I am Vincent Motebang Ntlou originally from a small town called Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape where I lived with my parents and two older siblings. As a young child, I was taught that cycling is only for white people and not for black people as the perception was that soccer was the only sport for us.

Growing up I was the only young boy in the neighbourhood that had a bicycle and people would discourage me because in our culture it was considered an unacceptable sport. Due to this perception and negativity surrounding the sport, overcoming this obstacle became a challenge in itself. However, I was able to overcome this due to two key values that I hold dearly which is to always have a positive attitude and to remain self-disciplined. Because of these, I am able to see beyond what people may see. I see a great community of all races and genders becoming friends in the cycling community all joined by a love for the sport.

Cycling is also important because it keeps people healthy and young keeps the mind fresh. I want to inspire young people from my community and surrounding areas. I want them to look at me and say “because of you, I did not give-up” and that is why I am cycling for the change.

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