the garage

Business Incubation Hub

The Garage is TSIBA Business School’s people-focused business incubation hub. We help entrepreneurs acquire customers, build sustainable businesses and create employment. We aim to help multiple entrepreneurs start up, stay up and scale up, to build businesses that create employment and contribute to inclusive economic growth in South Africa.

The Garage is an organic extension of the Business School’s entrepreneurial curriculum. Our holistic model of business development supported by mentorship expertise, access to market and financial partner networks has proved an invaluable platform from which to build interventions for various partners. This project seeks to further the structure and scale of our current work.

What the Garage offers

Our incubator programmes are built on strong foundations of Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Leadership & Self Development. These concepts are also taught in our Business School where they dramatically add value the lives of our students.

The Garage boasts a co-lab environment for entrepreneurs which fosters creativity and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are able to enjoy the co-working space with a number of amenities and facilities such as a professional business address, host desks, desktops, telephone, networking events, and access to internet and wifi.

Business Programmes

Business Igniter

Business Igniter is a community enterprise development programme aimed at sparking entrepreneurial thinking in underserved communities and providing basic business development support in marketing and finance to micro- and survivalist entrepreneurs.

Next Level Growth

This programme is ideally suited for Corporates and B-BBEE funds looking to invest in Business Development to get suppliers investment and supply chain ready

Business Essentials for Entrepreneurs

Business Essentials for Entrepreneurs is aimed at motivated entrepreneurs wanting to make an impact in the South African economy. Our Business Essentials programme ensures that the entrepreneurs’ skills, business knowledge and attitude have been honed and nurtured through accredited education and mentorship.

International Entrepreneurship Dialogue

The programme starts: 15 July 2020

No fees applicable: the programme forms part of the TSIBA Business School degree curriculum.

Business Essentials for Entrepreneurs aims at including motivated entrepreneurs in the South African economy context. Business Essential ensures that the entrepreneurs' skills, business knowledge and attitude have been honed and nurtured through accredited education and mentorship.

Established in 2007 through the cooperation between Northeastern University (USA) and TSIBA Business School, the International Entrepreneurship Dialogue (IED) is an annual programme for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business or startups to the next level but lack time or skills to think strategically.

Taking place in July for two weeks, the programme is designed to support local businesses to deal with finance and marketing problems that hinder their growth.