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With their remarkable history of educational success, the Tertiary School in Business (TSiBA) continues to strive to produce top graduates who are making a difference. Operating in a socio-political education landscape with #feesmustfall, TSiBA has now been placed in a “competitive” space with public universities for recruits, bursaries and funding – and they are proud of it!

Adri Marais, TSiBA CEO, explains “we have always said our ultimate success will be when other institutions start seeing what we are seeing and start paying attention to the financial hurdle preventing so many talented youths from entering the world of work in a competitive, knowledge-driven economy. Our plans are to grab this unique opportunity to evolve by focusing on crafting a niche, industry-targeted degree which will profoundly change the trajectory of our students with maximum impact on the communities we serve. This is TSiBA’s Vision2020. In line with our plans to rebrand our Cape Town campus, we’ll shortly be closing TSiBA Eden as an operational site of delivery at the end of the year.

“Whilst the Eden Campus will cease to operate, we are proud of what we contributed to the Eden Community. We injected between R30m-R40m over the last 8 years and we remain committed to recruit talent and run sustainable, pre-funded projects in the area - so it’s not a goodbye, but a different hello. We continue to welcome qualifying students from the region into the degree programme in Cape Town and we encourage qualifying youngsters to complete their online applications via http://www.tsiba.ac.za. By bringing all our students under one roof, in the heart of Cape Town, we can streamline our offering without impacting the excellent standard of education we’re known for.”

Marais continues, “whilst we express sadness at the fact the Eden Campus will close its doors in December after celebrating the conclusion of the courses of all the current students, the Board has stated that they feel the direction the school is taking will have a greater impact on the communities we serve and lead to greater sustainability of the institution in the long-run. We are very excited about our ambitious new plans for Vision2020, yet we carry the loss of a campus and the Eden staff. We remain deeply grateful for the time, commitment, energy and loyalty that so many members of the community poured into Eden and you remain part of the TSiBA family always. We continue our mission to drive social change and meet the future.”

Cllr Cathy Weideman, the Ward Councillor of Ward 2 and the Chairperson of Community Services has stated that the Municipality will be obtaining proposals on how best to utilise the facility that is currently housing the school to continue boosting the economy of the small community of Karatara.

For more information please contact TSiBA Marketing Manager Sandi Sher on 021 532 2750.


The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) was founded in 2004 with a vision to “Ignite Opportunity”.  Our mission is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change.

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